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New Area Coordinators

Coordinators are elected every 2 years by their areas, at the recent State Convention CADA had many new coordinators take on the mantle of leadership.
CADA Board 2024

Area A – Jill Mortensen [email protected] www.cada1.og/areaA

As a CADA member for the past 18 years, a member of the Area A Council for close to ten years, assistant coordinator for Area A and Print Media Coordinator for the board, my goal in my involvement has always been to help others. In a world that often times seems overwhelming with little training or support, CADA has always been a safe haven where one can come to learn about activities, curriculum and most importantly to find your people to help you grow. In all that I have experienced and done in my time as an activities director and with CADA, I will continue, in my new role, to serve the membership in helping others to find success in all they wish to accomplish. Together, we are stronger, and together we change the lives of so many students, staff, our community and our school cultures.

Area B – Laura Saldana. areaB@cada1.orgwww.cada1.og/areaB

I could not be more excited to serve as Area B coordinator. CADA has had such an impact on my program, school, and life and I am passionate about giving back to this organization and its members. I was an Activities Director at a middle school for five years before moving to Westmont High School eleven years ago to continue in that role. I have been a long time member of the CADA Camp staff and Area B Council, CADA Slam Coordinator, and presenter at State Convention and various Area Conferences around the state. I am inspired to work with the Area B Council to develop new ways to connect our schools and advisors and support our members. When not at school, I love watching my two kids play sports, backyard movies, kitchen dance parties to 90s hip hop, and going camping. I can’t wait to serve Area B and CADA in the coming year!

Area C – Shawna Sousa [email protected]www.cada1.og/areaC

I have been the Activities Director at Central East High School in Fresno, California for the past 8 year. As a Central East graduate, I love giving back and working for the community that raised me. I attended CADA Camps as a high school student and have now been lucky enough to be part of the Camp Staff for 2 years. I am so excited for this new adventure within the CADA organization. I look forward to being able to support fellow Activities Directors in our area and to help create amazing memories for the students of Area C. Among our students are soon to be Activities Directors that will continue to grow positive school cultures throughout our communities. CADA has always been a place of growth, support and fun for me. I hope to share this with all of Area C throughout the next year.

Area D – Christy Hertsch [email protected] www.cada1.og/areaD

My name is Christy Hertsch and I am thrilled to be the new Area D Coordinator, following in the footsteps of some amazing leaders who have been a pivotal part of the CADA organization! I am currently 35,000 feet in the air as I write this, on my way to Washington DC with a group of 22 students and parents, most of whom have never been on a plane before. While in line, one the of the girls asked me what it was like to fly and I responded that I thought it was fun… take off is fast, seeing the the puffy clouds and the world from a different perspective is awesome, and being pushed into the back of your seat as you go from hundreds of miles per hour to a slow roll is exhilarating! Her response, “Yeah, but Ms. Hertsch, you think EVERYTHING is fun!” What a compliment I thought, because isn’t that what we as activities directors do? We make school a fun place to be by creating activities and events that students want to be part of and want to be at school for. Of course there is much more to it than that, but if that is what the students see… me as the fun person, then I must be doing something right! 

So yes, that’s me… I try to find the fun in everything I do, because life is too short to spend it any other way! I enjoy spending time with my 3 young adult children, my soon-to-be husband, Thane, and friends. Adventures in Mammoth, Northern Wisconsin and on the beach make me happy, and I’m always up for finding new places to visit! That being said, one of my goals for AREA D, although we are challenged by the distance between us, is to get members together in social settings and area specific meet-ups with the purpose of sharing ideas, bouncing challenges off one another, and getting to know one another in a relaxed setting. The pandemic distanced us too much and it’s time to put away the laptops and meet face to face. Some of the greatest ideas I have ever learned were from casual conversations at CADA events! 

Another goal that I have is to continue to increase the number of schools attending our 3 area conferences. Our numbers have been steadily increasing the post-pandemic year because everyone is ready to learn and have fun! Finally, I’m looking to increase the number of attendees at our Advisor conference. Yes, it can be a drive for some, but we meet in one of the most beautiful places on our central coast… why not add a day make a mini vacay weekend out of it—I know we all could use it, and besides, hanging out with a bunch of like-minded people is always a good time! 

Area F – Dinah Greene [email protected] www.cada1.og/areaF

Hello everyone, I am Dinah Greene and I am excited to be your next Area F Coordinator!!! It is a huge honor and I am humbled to serve the CADA/CASL organization, as I have experienced CADA as a student and now as an advisor. I have been an Activities Director for 11 years and have the experience of opening Orange Vista High School 8 years ago. I come to you having served as an area council member for 10 years and currently Area F Assistant Coordinator, as well as a CADA Camp Staff leader; I have also received awards for Area Service and most recently the Warren AREA F COORDINATOR Dinah Greene [email protected] www.cada1.og/areaF Shull Activities Director of the Year. With that, I am well overdue to serve CADA/CASL and Area F at a higher level. The organization that’s more like family has extended many hands to me along this journey and I choose to extend my reach to do the same. Through CADA interactions I have learned so much about the creation and sustainability of a successful student leadership program. The organization provides many opportunities for advisors and students, so I urge you to not only attend, but also share with others what you know from your perspective. Every year my students and I take advantage of every opportunity to collaborate with other advisors and students through: CADA Convention, CADA Summer Leadership Camps, CASL Convention, and Area F Conferences (Advisor, Middle School and High School). I am continually inspired by others with their creativity, positive energy, and organization of developing better programs for our campuses. Continue to fill your cup and that of your leaders to prevent from professional and personal burnout. Area F (serving Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties) is a great area to serve and share ideas and resources. I encourage everyone in our area to get connected via social media and even join our council to find more ways to support one another in this fabulous world of student activities. We have seen our world shift tremendously over the last 4 years; so rather  you are new to student activities or a classic veteran, there is always something to learn. With so many experienced activities directors as well as fresh perspectives, there is always a teachable moment when interacting with one another. I urge each of us to expand our circles and network, collaborate and continue to perfect our craft for our own sanity and to enhance the campuses we serve. I am overjoyed to assume this new role as Area Coordinator! Don’t hesitate to offer comments, questions, or suggestions; I am available to make sure our council continues to serve student leadership advisors and students in our area.


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